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At Human Link, we strive to provide the best service with precision

Human Link adopts the One-Health philosophy that links human, animal, and environmental health. At the heart of this philosophy is the notion that a healthy environment leads to healthier humans and healthier animals. It aims at reducing the burden of diseases affecting humans through unhealthy animals and unhealthy environments. At the same time, it aims at reducing the burden on the environment exerted by humans and animals.

We endeavor to engage and expand our network of public and private stakeholders in various fields of life sciences, develop solutions through the use of cutting-edge technologies while promoting and applying early disease detection, preparedness plans, and response activities.

We Are Trusted Experts & Here Are Our Values!

Human-Link moves forward with established values that resonate within the company among team members and with partners and affiliates, across the board. We use our Values to demonstrate how we intend to be with each other, with clients, with suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our Core Features

Human Link consists of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and experts in the fields of life sciences, human development, engineering, and public health, with a common goal of “Research Advancing Knowledge.” Human Link is defined by it’s core features:

Our Core Services

Human-Link is committed to providing six service verticals, we use our skill, experience, drive and determination to deliver the solutions necessary to achieve our clients’ goals.


Three Modes of Operation

Human Link operates under three simplified models designed to provide a 360 degrees solution covering or potential needs of our clients

Global Impact

Our work has been featured on global media platform including Netflix, BBC, ABC News, Aramcoworld, and others.

BBC Documentary on Human Link’s Surveillance Program in Lebanon

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak | Netflix Official Site

How virus hunters determine an outbreak’s origins – YouTube

Disease Detectives of Lebanon – AramcoWorld

Our Publications

Since its establishment, Human-Link has been continuously publishing peer reviewed articles, exceeding a hundred till current date.

Loved By Our Partners

Human-Link prides itself in delivering excellence for all its clients. We vision ourselves as an extension of clients’ team, and as a trusted partner.

Our Partners

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GSM Mobile   : +961 3 156 600

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