Human Link

About us

Human Link is a Lebanese based non-governmental organization, founded in 2014 by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and experts in the fields of human development, engineering, and public health, with a common goal of “research advancing knowledge”.

Human Link’s mission is to design and conduct scientific research and projects in the fields of bio-medicine, public health, environment, economy, and human development aimed at improving global knowledge and enhancing local population livelihoods.

Human Link adopts the One-Health philosophy that links human, animal, and environmental health. At the heart of this philosophy is the notion that a healthy environment leads to healthier humans and healthier animals. It aims at reducing the burden of diseases affecting humans through unhealthy animals and unhealthy environment. At the same time, it aims at reducing the burden on the environment exerted by humans and animals.

Our Team

Human Link researchers are among the few who conducted bird flu research in Lebanon and are providing technical support for avian and swine influenza research in the USA and Europe.

Human Link researchers and engineers have been involved in various development and environmental projects in Lebanon including irrigation, agricultural roads and waste water recycling.